No Royalties

Our company has never charged a royalty fee, which, or course, makes us different from our competitors.  We assure that you will get as good or better support from us and you will not keep paying these extra fees that can range from $500 to $2500 per month. 

Most mail and parcel centers that pay royalties average paying $17,500 per year.  This can go into your bank account instead of theirs.  We will keep you updated with the latest equipment and technology in our industry.  You’ll also take advantage of our 800 hotline, quarterly newsletters, advertising slicks, national accounts with all major shipping companies, national discounts with major suppliers, and much more.  We will support you so we can use you as a reference for our future growth.

Let Us Package Your Success



Royalty = 0%

Average Royalty = 5%

Advertising = 0%

Advertising = 2%

Total 0%

Total 7%

$250,000 gross per year x 0%=
$0 per year.

$250,000 gross per year x 7%=
$17,500.00 per year.