The Vesterfelts"We chose to buy into P.A.S.S because, although it’s a franchise, we do not have to pay a monthly franchise fee. We also have the choice to change or add any service or product to our business as we feel. P.A.S.S. has been around for years, they offer quality service and quality products to their customers, a great training program, and a wonderful support team. The level of support P.A.S.S. has given us has been more than we could ask for. We have never felt belittled because of questions we’ve had, or hurried from training we received. When there has been a problem, P.A.S.S. has dealt with it efficiently. What we like most about being a franchisee is the amount of support we receive from P.A.S.S., and the fact that they don’t tell us we must have this or must do that. They suggest and we choose.”

Tim and Rhonda Vesterfelt, Michigan

“For as long as I can remember, owning a business was at the top of my priority list. As a child, I began laying the groundwork for success by selling and trading merchandise for the elders in my village. Once I arrived in America, my desires became even stronger. One day in 1988, I was reading a magazine and I saw a brochure on becoming a P.A.S.S. storeowner. This was when I decided to take the first step in making my dreams come true. Having no experience with this type of business, I took a leap of faith and contacted Mike Gallagher, president of P.A.S.S. He made me more determined to give it a try, and as it turned out, it was a great investment. When I first got started with this business, it seemed like I was destined to fail. But through hard work and determination, everything came together. Mike has been a mentor and a great source of support to me. He gave me the courage and will to keep aiming for success. Under his guidance, my dream was finally realized. This business has been good to me and for me. I successfully opened my second P.A.S.S. store in 1998. I can honestly say to any beginner that investing with this company can bring far greater rewards than the risks. I encourage you to take a chance, especially with a mentor like Mike Gallagher.”

Shiufong Lynn Thomas, Nevada

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The Romanellis“Working with Mike Gallagher, the president of P.A.S.S., has been a very positive experience from the first time we spoke on the telephone. Mike is very open and direct. He’s also very knowledgeable and passionate about the industry and his company. It’s not hard to see why he has been working in the mail and parcel industry for so long. The support was evident from the beginning. P.A.S.S. helped locate a store site, negotiate a lease, prepare a business plan, work with the financial institutions to procure a loan, and more. The training we received was excellent and helped us start our operation with minimal issues. The continual support is great as well. After you are open and operating, and concerns arise, you can call Mike anytime and he’ll help. If you’re thinking of opening your own mail and parcel center, I would advise you to seriously consider P.A.S.S. to help you get started. They have over 25 years of experience, and 700+ stores opened around the country. And the best part…NO CONTINUOUS ROYALTIES! Mike, thanks for all your help and continuous support!”

Mark and MaryAnn Romanelli, Texas

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