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What makes P.A.S.S. different from other business ownership opportunities?

P.A.S.S. is not a traditional franchise, so you don’t experience the restrictions a traditional franchise places on you. You’re not limited in the types of products and services you offer, or even in the name of your store. Instead, we help you customize your business to the particular needs and preferences of your community. Plus you pay no royalties.

Then we’ll help you choose your store’s particular array of offerings. This can include any or all of these products and services, plus others:

  • Digital photo processing – including photo greeting cards and personalized photo calendars – through the Sony Picture Station

  • Expedited passport processing and a passport photo studio

  • A complete copying center with high-speed digital equipment and wide-format copying capabilities

  • Full-service printing of invitations and announcements, business cards and letterhead, brochures and flyers, signs and banners, promotional items and more – practically anything your customers need

  • Distinctive gift items chosen from our preferred vendors’ large and diverse collections

  • eBay Trading Assistants – on location in your store

How can I be sure P.A.S.S. will help me succeed with my store?

We have 25+ years of experience in making business ownership work for people like you. In fact, we’ve been helping people open their own packaging, shipping, and business centers since the concept originated. When we sign up a new P.A.S.S. storeowner, we know that our reputation is on the line. We rely on your enthusiastic involvement, and our future profit is determined solely by your success. If we can help you meet your personal and professional goals, you will be one more positive reference for us.

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Can anyone open a P.A.S.S. store?

Great interest has prompted many serious inquiries about starting P.A.S.S. stores. In order to maintain a productive national system and a good reputation, P.A.S.S. intends to work with people showing potential, those who have the financial and management strengths that make them capable of developing single or multi-store operations.

How do I choose a location?

We will perform on-site evaluations and analyze your individual needs. By applying criteria established through many years of experience, we will help you consider all options and guide you in making your ultimate site selection.

Will you help me set up shop?

Absolutely. We’ll show you how to create a highly functional, efficient store operation. From the interior design and installation of fixtures and equipment, to the stocking of supplies and maintenance of inventory, you’ll have us to rely on. National programs are in place for savings on supplies and equipment purchases.

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Is there a lot for me to learn?

Comprehensive pre-opening training for you and your employees will help ensure that you are able to competently conduct your store's business and keep it operating smoothly. In addition, we are available for continual field assistance, to help you with special or unexpected situations.

What will attract customers to my store?

P.A.S.S. has developed effective advertising programs that have proved successful for other stores. We will assist you in creating marketing strategies and launching campaigns that will keep you in the public eye.

Can I be a good manager?

A genuinely concerned team of qualified sales, marketing, and executive management consultants with over 25 years of experience are always available to offer any advice and support you might need to build a successful business.

How do I know that existing stores are successful?

We will provide you with a list of references so that you can personally, and at your own discretion, contact them and get their opinions.

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Once I am established, what are my future options?

You can start additional stores, which opens the door to a whole new business experience. In addition, you can help train the personnel for other new stores opening in your part of the country, and we'll pay you a training fee, of course.

How many employees will I need?

Two people can operate your store the majority of the time. Three to five temporary employees will probably be necessary during peak and holiday seasons. For multi-store operations, we strongly recommend an operational manager.

How extensive is the training?

All new store owners spend a minimum of seven days at our training center and store before opening their first outlet. This seminar will familiarize you with all of the P.A.S.S. operational, sales, accounting, and marketing systems. During your store's grand opening period, our training managers will conduct a three-day comprehensive, in-store training program for you and your employees. And of course, we're entirely at your disposal until youre quite comfortable operating you're new business.

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Will P.A.S.S. continue to offer field assistance?

Yes. Our vice president of operations and/or field management personnel will visit your store periodically. They will help solve any developing problems and assist you in expanding your business. They will also introduce you to any new sales and marketing programs. And our staff is just a phone call away, if you need immediate help.

What sales, marketing, and advertising programs are available?

Our marketing manual is unsurpassed in providing complete and descriptive details for promoting your business. Moreover, we are associates of a national support team, which serves as a network for shipping and mailing centers. Besides giving our stores volume buying power with nationally recognized vendors, the network continually offers our stores marketing and promotional ideas and materials which take advantage of many years of combined advertising experience in the packaging and mailing industry.

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Must I continue to purchase my inventory and supplies from you?

P.A.S.S. has established national account relationships with several vendors and offers these items to you at a very competitive price. However, if you can purchase the same quality materials elsewhere, we have absolutely no objections. Our intent is to ensure that all P.A.S.S. stores uniformly provide the highest-quality products and services to all customers. Our interest is in your success, not in keeping you financially captive.

How does P.A.S.S.’s consulting fee compare to others?

We strive to keep our consulting fee among the lowest in the industry.

Is financing available?

Above all, we're looking for established and responsible people for our stores. Financing is available for such individuals, upon credit approval.

Can I buy just one store?

Of course. Most new owners do. Many very quickly open additional stores, once they have familiarized themselves with the operation. We have numerous multiple-store owners.

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What if I want to control a whole marketing area?

P.A.S.S. will offer area development agreements to qualified associates interested in managing an entire marketing region over a negotiated period of time. A portion of the fee must be paid when the development agreement is signed, and will be credited against a predetermined fee when each store opens.

Why should I become a P.A.S.S. associate?

P.A.S.S. offers a unique opportunity to own a business and become part of a rapidly growing service industry. It is a national system that provides total support in store development, start-up assistance, and merchandising, plus a management team with over 25 years of experience.

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